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When the World Was Rear-Wheel Drive: New Jersey Poems (Main Street Rag Publishing Company, 2014) View more or purchase at Main Street Rag Publishing

The Book of Arabella (Parallel Press, 2014). View at Parallel Press

Blue Lace Colander (Marsh River Editions, 2008). View more at Marsh River Editions

Wild Apples (Parallel Press, 2004). View poems or purchase from Parallel Press

Literary Criticism

The Dark Matter of Words: Absence, Unknowing, and Emptiness in Literature (Southern Illinois University Press, 1998). View at Google Books. Buy from Amazon

Susan Read Baker review of The Dark Matter of Words in the South Atlantic Review via JSTOR





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  1. Mikkel Guldager says:

    Dear Timothy,

    I am reading your book, The Dark Matter of Words, these days. I am doing my Ph.D. in Berlin, and my topic is a hermeneutical-philosophical approach.

    Your book has so far been a very fruitful perspective on my reflections on the human condition in postcolonial Hong Kong. I am looking into how absence of what you denote as the “something” is represented in art and literature and how certain phenomena have been kept hidden, silent or largely unmentioned such as the Walled City of Kowloon and the Cage Homes that many to this day abode in.

    Even though you wrote it some years ago, it still seems, in my field at least, that many scholars still rely heavily on sources based on hyped and conventional poststructuralism, gender studies etc. although this does not suffice to turn the tables and reconsider textual analysis and so forth.

    This message is partly to give credit for a brilliant work (I am only halfway through your book so far), but also a lamenting despair over why your did not go on with your investigations and reflections? It seems as if only little or no comprehensive and thorough work has taken up the quest where you left it.

    Kind regards,

    Mikkel Guldager

    • twalsh says:

      Dear Mikkel,
      Profuse apologies for not replying to your email sooner! I very rarely remember to check for comments on my website and just now came across yours. It is very gratifying to hear that you are reading The Dark Matter of Words–and humbling to know that it has been of some value to you.
      I think there is a lot of fruitful ground still to be explored around the aesthetic use of absence–particularly the ways artists and writers create “structured absences” and how these structured absences form patterns. I know other scholars have found my work useful in the area of the visual arts. I have a lot of additional thoughts that have accumulated since the publication of Dark Matter, and–who knows?–I may one day soon try to set them all down as a sequel to the Dark Matter book. As you’ve probably noted from my website, since working on that book I’ve primarily focused on my own poetry and fiction rather than literary theory. Though I’m still working in higher education administration here at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, my own writing outside of the academic sphere has been my main preoccupation.
      In any case, thanks very much for reaching out to me. It is extremely gratifying to know that my book has proved useful to others. I wish you well with your own project, which sounds fascinating!
      All the best,
      –Tim Walsh

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