Poetry Online

At the Goodwill (as featured on Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac)

The Only Muntin Poem in the World (Atlanta Review Grand Prize Winner, 2004)

Blue Lace Colander (Second Place North American Review James Hearst Poetry Prize). Listen to me read the poem on WORT

The Marsh in Winter (as featured on Garrison Keillor’s The Writers’ Almanac)

Plastering (at Your Daily Poem)

Phantom Limbs at the Antique Mall (at qarrtsiluni–print and podcast)

Words from Wine (at Your Daily Poem)

The Nursery at Night (at Your Daily Poem)

Why Our Cat Likes Toccatas (at Your Daily Poem)

Meander (Verse Wisconsin online)

Arabella’s Arsenal (originally published in Inkwell)

Between the Sheets (in Wisconsin Academy Review)


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  1. Christina Whelan says:

    This morning I heard a poem by Timothy Walsh that was so bittersweet, it was about old golfers and I didn’t catch the name. I would like very much like to purchase a copy.

    • twalsh says:

      Christina, That poem was “At the Goodwill,” which Garrison Keillor read on The Writer’s Almanac radio show. It is in my Blue Lace Colander collection, which you can buy at the Marsh River Editions website. Thanks, Tim

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