What people are saying about my latest collection, When the World Was Rear-Wheel Drive: New Jersey Poems:

“Timothy Walsh’s wonderful third collection is a sometimes raucous, sometimes uproarious, always charmed and charming journey back to an America of simpler passions and pleasures…. In these lovely, big-hearted, and luminous poems he is firing on all eight cylinders.”            –Ron Wallace


“This is narrative poetry at its finest.”                –Susan Elbe


“In these atmospheric, memory and language driven poems, Walsh explores the desire-riddled, nun-haunted, car-languaged, Catholic-ritualed world of his New Jersey adolescence.”                 –Susan Firer

Read Bill Morris’s review in The Millions

Now available from Main Street Rag

(Click on link for sample poems and full comments from other poets!)aeczane.com/orjinal-aktirex-sprey/how much do civil rights lawyers make

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